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Monaro District News

Monaro District News and Competitions

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Champions for 2012:

Mixed Pairs
D and D Turner R/U P Marsicano and M Zasso
Men's Fours
S Roncelli, J Sajina, B Seears and P Cannell
R/U G Venables, K Weston, P Caldwell and G Cox
Men's Triples
P Marsicano, Gordon Cox and Peter Caldwell
R/U S Roncelli, M Frezza and Paul Schulz.

Men's Pairs
Senior Champions

L Whitehead and D McDonald
R/U M Faulder and T Butler
President's Reserve Champions
P Marsicano and M Buckley
R/U M Frezza and G D'Amico
State Champions
P Schulz and J Schoon
R/U A Brooks and G Clarke.

Men's Singles

State Singles and District Champion
G Cox
R/U C Demczuk
President Reserve Champion
P Caldwell
R/U M Frezza
Senior Champion
P Marsicano
R/U S Roncelli